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Buy the Data - $629

If you'd prefer to host the data locally, you can purchase the Words API data set. Purchase of the Words API data set entitles you to use the data as much as you want, for as long as you want. Load the data directly into your app, make games with it, train an AI to take over the world with it.

The only things you cannot do with the data are resell it, or use it in a service that competes directly with WordsAPI. And we'd really prefer you didn't use it to train an AI to take over the world.

How it Works

After you pay you'll immediately be able to download the Words API data set in a zipped JSON file. We'll also email a link to you. The link will stay active for 5 days. If you need access after that, just email us.


If you have questions, or if you'd prefer to setup an alternative payment method like Paypal or Bitcoin, you can email us at [email protected].

What You'll Get

The entire Words API data set in JSON format.

  • Over 325,000 words.
  • 45% with one or more definitions.
  • 56% with pronunciation information.
  • 44% with syllable information.
  • 18% with frequency of usage information.

Sample Data

The sample file contains a random selection of 10% of the full Words API data set.

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